The military is trying to get a handle on this: ‘I know that this isn’t an easy thing for us, but I think we need to step up and be a leader’

After months of speculation about how to deal with the threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the military is finally getting a handle to how to keep the military from becoming overwhelmed and becoming irrelevant.

Last week, the Defense Department issued a statement acknowledging that its forces have to “engage” with ISIL in Iraq, but they are also doing so “with a new focus and a different focus.”

This means that, “we are going to engage with ISIL with a different approach and with a new strategy,” which, according to the statement, includes “taking advantage of our assets to provide an environment where we can build relationships with the local population.”

The statement also noted that, while the U.S. will still train, advise, and assist in the fight against ISIL, it will be doing so in a “different way.”

The Defense Department also acknowledged that “the Department is aware of the threat posed by ISIL to U.s. personnel in Iraq,” and that “we have increased our military footprint and deployed additional personnel to support the Iraqi military.”

But, the statement also said that the U,S.

“has no immediate plans to abandon Iraq, and is actively pursuing ways to increase the number of troops in the country.”

The Pentagon has been quietly working on this new strategy for years, and the plan is likely to take some time to get implemented.

This strategy, in turn, may also require some adjustments in the way the U.,S.

military operates in Iraq.

In 2016, the Pentagon began deploying additional Special Operations troops in Iraq to train and advise local forces.

This deployment is likely meant to be an increase in “the size of the Army and Navy Special Operations Forces to support local forces.”

According to the Pentagon, the move is intended to allow “the Special Operations Command to better understand the capabilities and needs of local forces to conduct operations and protect our interests.”

But the deployment of Special Operations forces has not only resulted in increased military resources deployed to Iraq, it has also “put pressure on the Iraqi Army and police forces to deploy more heavily and to expand their capabilities.”

In the case of the U .

S. troops in Baghdad, the additional troops have “resulted in significant troop levels being deployed on the front lines of the battle.”

However, as a result of this increased military presence, there are “now more Special Operations soldiers in the region, and in the areas they have been deployed in.”

It seems that the Pentagon is trying, but failing, to do more with the additional U. S. troops, even as they are being deployed to protect U. s interests.

The Pentagon also recently announced that the number and type of Special Forces troops it will deploy in Iraq has been reduced from 10,000 to 5,000, with about 2,500 additional soldiers being added.

This new deployment will help the U ,S.

Army in Iraq “continue to train local forces,” but will also require the deployment “of additional troops and resources.”

As the Army has already been preparing for a potential U. .

S.-led invasion of Iraq, the decision to deploy the additional Special Forces soldiers will make the war in Iraq much harder.

This decision will likely make it harder for the U to win the war, and it will also mean the U will have to engage in a far greater level of military intervention in Iraq at a time when the country is still in chaos and suffering from the effects of the devastating ISIL attack.

But, according the Defense official, the new strategy will still allow the Uto continue to engage “with the local populations in Iraq” to “help build relationships.”

And, while this will be difficult at times, the U has “been able to take advantage of the capabilities that we have” in order to continue to “work with the Iraqi people and local communities.”

In other words, the strategy will continue to focus on helping the Iraqi government “build relationships” with the U and, ultimately, to win.

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