Ravens-Patriots: Super Bowl 51, AFC title game preview

The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens have been playing out their regular-season rivalry for more than two decades.

The two teams have a combined winning percentage of .926, the second-highest in NFL history, and the two have played in every Super Bowl.

This time, it will be a rematch of Super Bowl XVIII, which happened in the same city.

A lot of things went down on Sunday.

The Patriots and Ravens were not going to let the Broncos win, even though the Broncos have been on the field for every game of the Patriots-Ravens rivalry since the beginning of the AFC championship game.

They were going to have to take everything down the line, and they did.

The only thing that was going to get them out of this was the most powerful man in the world.

The Patriots beat the Broncos on Dec. 28, 1986, when the Patriots defeated the Broncos 41-7.

The Broncos won the Super Bowl the next year.

The Ravens are undefeated at home this season, but the Patriots have not won in the stadium in 20 years.

On the road, they’ve beaten the Steelers by a score of 35-10.

The New England defense is still a work in progress.

The Ravens are one of the better defensive teams in the league.

They are second in points allowed (45.7) and yards allowed (8.0).

But they’ve also allowed the NFL’s second-most yards per game (239.1) and touchdowns per game of any team.

The Broncos are the most dangerous team in the NFL.

They’re led by quarterback Brock Osweiler, who is averaging more than 40 yards per pass attempt, has more touchdown passes (22) than interceptions (11) and has a rating of 100.8.

They’ve also been held to a mere 15 points in two games.

Denver had a good game plan against the Patriots.

The Pats rushed for over 100 yards and scored a touchdown on only four offensive plays.

They scored touchdowns on three of their first five plays and ran the ball 10 times for 62 yards on just nine carries.

Osweiler was the difference in the game, completing 21 of 26 passes for 233 yards and three touchdowns.

The Denver offense was much better.

They averaged a league-high of 17.6 points per game and were 21 of 34 on third down.

The team was so dominant in the red zone that the Patriots’ offensive line struggled to keep the Broncos from scoring on third-and-longs.

It was a tight game.

It was a shootout.

The teams were close, but not close enough to determine a winner.

The winner is a big-time winner.

It all started with a pass interference call on the first play of the second quarter.

The Chiefs, who were in the lead at the time, were facing third-down safety Darryl Roberts.

Osweilers’ throwing motion was in the middle of the field.

The referees decided the play was interference because the ball was in Osweiland’s hands.

The play did not change the call.

The ball was not hit by Roberts.

The ball was hit by the safety, who was already off the field, and went out of bounds.

It would have been called a touchback.

But the officials ruled that the ball had been hit by Osweilis hand.

That’s a big deal because it is a first down, and if a ball is in Oswell’s hands, it should go out of the game.

The NFL has a rule in place that says the ball should go back out of play if it is in the hands of the defender, but it has not been enforced.

The officials gave the ball back to the Patriots, who took it 42 yards to the Broncos’ 23.

It started with an interception.

The Colts scored the first touchdown of the day on a touchdown run by receiver Steve Smith.

It looked like it was going the other way, but Osweils hand was in a position to pick up the ball.

The defense got off to a slow start.

After Smith’s touchdown, Colts cornerback Vontae Davis was called for holding.

After the refs ruled that Davis had touched the ball, he was flagged.

He was flagged again for holding on third and goal.

But the Colts got a first-down on fourth down and a first on fourth-and, and Osweiliis hand was still in position to touch the ball downfield.

The officials gave Davis a first, second and third down on the play.

On third and 20, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning went for a third-quarter touchdown pass to tight end Delanie Walker.

Walker was supposed to be the target for Manning’s pass, but he decided to step up and hit Walker on a crossing route.

Oswilis was standing at the line of scrimmage.

Walker ran in the end zone for the score.

The referees gave the Colts a first and goal and a two-point conversion.

The Chiefs took a 31

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