How to get to Clasico – Filippo Inzaghi

It was a very long time ago, but Clasicos in the 1970s were a big deal.

A little-known league that produced some of the finest strikers of the era, the Clasica dei Paschiarello was one of the most popular soccer tournaments in Italy, attracting crowds of several thousand, often with their families.

In this interview, Francesco Inzagihi, the founder and owner of the club, explains what he saw as the glory days of Clasicios in his life.1.

The ‘clasico’ – a big game The most famous Clasiacos fixture of the day was the ‘classe’ – the final match between Milan and Inter.

In the days before internet access, the players were not allowed to travel outside the stadium.

But once they did, they had to travel with the referee.

To achieve this, the player would kneel down on a wooden platform and kneel on the turf at the edge of the pitch.

The referee would then watch the players.

This was the beginning of what would become the modern game of football.2.

The history of the Classe It is a story of two great teams.

Milan dominated the Clase in the late 1960s and 1970s, when they reached the quarter-finals of the Cup Winners Cup.

In 1966, the team were beaten by Real Madrid in the quarter finals, and were beaten again in the semis of the following season.

The next season, in 1970, they were beaten in the final by Inter.3.

The origins of the game It is difficult to explain the origins of football, but many people have been able to give a partial story of how it began.

One of the early accounts was from a Milan journalist named Gianluigi Berlusconi.

In a newspaper article, he wrote: “Milan won the Claisième [the Cup Winners cup] at the beginning, but the real glory was reserved for Milan against Inter.”

Berlusconis’ description, as it is written today, is accurate.

Milan were the first to enter the Cup, beating Inter in the last match.

Milan then became the dominant force in Italy for a long time.4.

The origin of the ‘Paschiarellos’ The name of the competition came from a match between Inter Milan and Milan.

In 1960, Milan won the Cup in the second leg of a tie.

Inter then won the first leg 1-0.

When Milan played in the following tie, they won 2-1.

At the end of the tie, Milan fans gathered in the streets in front of the stadium to celebrate.5.

The early years of Classe The sport was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

It was also popular in Italy’s smaller towns and cities.

The sport spread quickly to smaller towns in the region.

The Clasiccioni (Clasicones) – a popular group of fans – played at football matches.

They were the main draw for spectators.

At football matches, there was a lot of drinking and fighting.

This caused many fans to be seriously injured.

The first Clasicas came to Milan in 1961, when it hosted a match against Genoa.

This match took place in the ‘Clasico’, where players kneel and kneeled on the ground.

In these days, it was not uncommon for fans to hold their fists up to the referee, or their feet to the pitch, so that the referee could see them.

When the match ended, the referees would ask the spectators to stand up.

It became the first Clásico, and the rivalry between Milan, Genoa and Inter grew.6.

The era of ‘classes’ In the early 1960s, Milan were playing for the first time at the Allianz Arena.

At this stage, the stadium was not built yet, and it was the first ever Classe.

The stadium became known as the ‘Allianz’.7.

The beginnings of the modern league A number of rules were established during the era of the Allians.

They established the rules of the league: 2 minutes of penalty time per game.

The team that loses the ball will lose the ball.

Only one player can be on the pitch at a time.

A penalty kick must be taken after 10 minutes.

A player will be punished for taking too many penalties.

This rule was later changed to limit the number of penalty kicks.

The number of goals scored in a ClasICO increased to 20.

In 1976, a rule was introduced that eliminated penalty kicks after the 10 minute mark.8.

The creation of the TV show The show ‘Milan v Inter’ was created in 1976.

Milan won 3-0 in the first game, but lost the next one 4-3.

It remains one of Serie A’s most-watched games of all time.

The show is

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