How Joe Biden won the race to win the 2018 NFL Draft

Joe Biden has won the 2018 MLB draft.

That’s good news for all involved.

That was also good news if you’re a fan of the Washington Nationals.

Biden has spent a lot of time talking about his interest in the draft.

And, according to ESPN’s Todd McShay, he did.

That should be a big deal for the Nationals.

The Nationals, who had an open spot for the first overall pick last year, lost out to the Mets.

And as it turns out, they were able to snag a second-round pick from the Mets for the No. 3 overall pick.

So now they’ll have two picks at No. 1.

But if you don’t think the Nationals will be able to get at least two of the four selections in the second round, you’re not alone.

McShae says that the Nationals are not looking to take the top two picks in the next two rounds, and are looking to add a few players to their roster at the high end.

If the Nationals do decide to add one of those players, it could be a bit of a surprise.

The Cubs and Padres both have the No, 2 overall picks in 2018, and it looks like they could be on the verge of making a move.

The Padres could get a player like Justin Upton, a power-hitting outfielder who will likely hit for power.

The White Sox are also looking for a shortstop, and there’s interest from several teams.

The Dodgers, Mariners and Rangers all have the Nos.

3 and 4 picks, and both are interested in adding a player in that range.

But the Cubs are probably the most likely to make a move to add someone at the top of their draft order.

That is, the Cubs could add Upton, while the Nationals would likely add a player from another division, such as the Diamondbacks, Mariners or Rangers.

If that happens, the Nationals should be able be a pretty competitive team.

They’d also be able keep the No.

“If Joe Biden were to run for president, he’d be the first person to have two MLB players as a top-three pick in the same draft.

He has the experience, and his experience in the White House makes him an even better candidate.

So I think it would be very difficult for the president to do anything other than put his two first-round picks to work and have a very competitive team,” McShays says.

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