How to listen to a sports meeting

You can listen to the sports meeting by yourself or by downloading the BBC Sport podcast from iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

You can also listen via the BBC iPlayer or the BBC News app, or listen to it later by clicking the podcast icon.

If you’ve got a mobile device, listen to BBC Sport on the BBC Radio app, on the iPlayer, or by searching for Sports Scotland.

Here’s what you need to know before you listen to this podcast.

Who is the Sports Minister?

Scottish Sports Minister James Boyce has been the minister for sport in Scotland since 2015.

He was elected to the role in the 2015 election, and was sworn in on 30 March 2019.

He is the SNP’s only Minister for Sport.

Who does the sports minister meet?

Each week the Sports minister meets the chair of Scotland’s Sport Scotland group, and the chief executive of Scottish Sport, or an independent member of the group.

The Sports minister also meets the Scottish Sport executive team and the Chief Executive of Scottish Cross Country.

Who are the sports ministers?

You can watch the Sports ministers’ meeting schedule on BBC Scotland’s website or download the podcast by clicking on the Sports Scotland Sports Minister’s calendar link.

What is the sports agenda?

The Sports agenda includes a number of major sporting events including Scotland’s Commonwealth Games, the Scottish Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships, and provides the Scottish Government with a full range of information to guide the Government’s strategy and performance in these key areas.

The agenda includes the development of a new Scotland 2020 sports and infrastructure plan and key issues to be addressed by 2020.

What are the main priorities for the Sports agenda?

It is important that Scotland and the UK have a successful sporting future.

A successful sporting legacy is crucial to ensuring that Scotland has a strong sporting future, and that we remain an effective member of our international community.

It is also important that we continue to develop our Olympic legacy, and ensure that our sporting and cultural identity is the basis for future sporting successes.

How do I listen to Sports Scotland’s sports agenda podcast?

You’ll need to have a podcast player installed on your device.

You’ll also need to download the Sports Agenda podcast to listen on your computer, phone or tablet.

You may find that your podcast player doesn’t support audio formats.

To listen to your podcasts, you’ll need the following podcasting software.

Download and install the free podcasting app.

If your podcast playback doesn’t work, you can use one of the following methods: Open your podcast in a web browser (such as iPlayer), or download a podcast to a playlist on the podcast player.

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