Sydney Morning Herald: ‘No one cares about our kids’

Here’s the thing: we do care about our children.

Our children and our grandchildren are not only the most important people in our lives, but they are also the most vulnerable.

There is no greater responsibility on our part than to protect their future.

The future is our children’s future, and the future of Australia.

As Australians, we all have a responsibility to protect and protect our children from the impacts of climate change.

We all need to do more to support communities and to be mindful of the environment in the long term.

It is in our power to help the people of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne live and thrive.

The Government’s Clean Energy Target is not a perfect plan.

But it’s a great start.

And if we all keep at it, Australia can have a clean, reliable, resilient and resilient future.

We’ve got an opportunity to do that in our lifetime.

The next stage of our journey is to build the infrastructure to do so.

We need to make sure the next generation has access to clean energy, to the things they need to build and grow and live and prosper in a healthy world.

We’re talking about a clean energy transition that can happen in just 10 years, which is a good start.

But if we don’t do our part, the transition will continue to be a slow one, which will leave many of our future generations living in a world with few, if any, clean sources of energy.

The best way to make our transition work is for us all to work together and act together to make it happen.

And we’re talking to you today about the best way we can all do that.

This is the challenge facing our generation.

It will take us to a future where our children and grandchildren have clean energy sources, jobs, opportunities, and affordable housing, as well as a world that’s healthier, more prosperous, and more secure.

This Government has a duty to meet the challenge of climate disruption.

Our energy policy is designed to meet this challenge, and we’re going to do everything we can to get there.

But to do this, we must start with our children, and build on this to build a clean and resilient world.

Our nation needs clean energy.

It’s time we did more to help our children achieve their future and that of our childrens generation.

Let’s get on with it.

The Prime Minister has promised that the next government will deliver on this promise.

Here’s what the next prime minister needs to do.

First, he or she must immediately declare the Clean Energy Transition as a priority.

We can start by making sure we have a clear and specific plan on how the transition to clean and sustainable energy will be delivered.

This will ensure that every community in the country has access, and that the transition is inclusive and affordable for all Australians.

The government has already announced the commitment to achieve clean energy and clean power by 2030.

But we have yet to set a specific target for clean energy or clean power, or set a timeframe for achieving it.

This can’t wait any longer.

It needs to be done now.

Second, the Government must also set out the details of how it will invest in clean energy infrastructure.

This includes both new and existing renewable and thermal energy resources.

This must be done to ensure that we are not leaving our children behind in the future.

Third, the next Prime Minister should ensure that the Australian Government, in collaboration with all other states and territories, has a clear vision of how the Clean Transition will be implemented.

Fourth, the government must ensure that Australia is at the forefront of the transition and not a bystander.

This means that Australia should take a leading role in the global effort to achieve the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, and ensure that this transition is delivered with a focus on renewables, clean energy efficiency, energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

This vision must be developed in consultation with our states and local governments, businesses, and other sectors.

And the next Government should also work with other countries to make the transition as inclusive and sustainable as possible.

This isn’t a one-off, and it’s not going to happen overnight.

But the future is ours, and our children are going to be the most influential people in it.

And that’s why I want to be part of the solution.

The clean energy revolution is about delivering the clean energy we need for the 21st century.

We are the world’s leading country in the production of clean energy; we are also Australia’s largest exporter of renewable energy; and we are home to the world-leading Clean Energy Summit.

Our clean energy generation and supply are already more than enough to meet our growing energy needs and support the transition.

The challenge ahead is not just to meet future energy demand, but also to build more resilient, resilient, and resilient communities.

The climate change threat is real.

It means that our grandchildren will need to adapt, and adapt to the climate, and will need the world to be as

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