How will the NFL’s new ratings shake out?

The NFL is set to release its new ratings on Thursday, but they’re going to be the most controversial among the big five leagues in the US.

The ratings could potentially shake up the game in the United States, and even the league itself, with a number of NFL owners already questioning the accuracy of the ratings.

The most contentious ratings to emerge this week comes from the NFL Network.

The network released a video that showed the ratings for a number on Sunday, showing a number that the league deemed incorrect and was quickly criticized by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The problem is, the NFL says that number is the average rating for games on the network.

While that could be true, the average for the games in question was 1.4 million viewers, and the NFL network has a history of making inflated ratings.

For example, the league says that the average viewership for the NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings was 1,898,000 viewers.

Those ratings are not exactly representative of the average of the games that are being broadcast on TV.

In the video, the ratings are labeled incorrectly, but the average number of viewers that the network is actually averaging out is just 1.1 million.

And while that’s not exactly what the NFL was hoping to get out of the rating change, the network did make a bold statement about it, saying it was the network’s “highest rating ever.”

The NFL network is not alone in its criticism.

Fox Sports is also facing criticism over the ratings, with its analyst Todd McShay saying the network “lost a lot of credibility” after it released a fake ratings video of a Dallas Cowboys-Denver Broncos game.

While the network has released a statement in response to the ratings controversy, it has not been clear how many people are actually affected by the ratings changes.

Fox and ESPN have said that the ratings change is “a reflection of a major shift in the ratings,” and they are currently conducting a review of the network and the ratings it has received in the past.

That review is expected to take several months, with Fox and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, expected to have a full and final report to make on the matter by the end of the year.

If the ratings aren’t exactly what you expected, there are plenty of other reasons to worry about the ratings at this point.

The NFL has been criticized before for having inflated ratings, and many players have been unhappy with the network, and it’s been said that ratings change aren’t always based on what is actually happening on the field.

In some cases, the networks ratings have been downgraded after certain games and certain coaches were given more than others to blame for the ratings drop.

While this isn’t a perfect example, it’s a pretty common occurrence for the networks, and some have been criticized for it.

Fox has been known to downgrade its ratings following games in which the NFL is in a rough spot.

The other NFL network, the CBS network, has a similar reputation.

The biggest issue with the NFL ratings change will be how accurate the network will be when it comes to what’s actually happening in the game.

The networks ratings were originally released in December, but some of the information has been altered in recent months, leading to questions about the accuracy and fairness of the numbers.

The average rating is calculated based on the average attendance and viewership for all games played in the week before the game, and that number does not include any of the extra games that were played.

For instance, in a game between Chicago and the Green Bay Packers in December 2016, only 1.9 million people watched the game live on TV, according to ESPN.

That number was only slightly higher than the actual number of people watching the game on TV that night.

And that’s just one example of how the networks numbers can be affected by things like the weather.

The weather can also affect the way the ratings work, and fans can also have a different view on certain games.

Some players and coaches are calling for changes in the way they’re being judged, and while it’s true that the NFL has changed its approach to rating the games, it may be impossible to make adjustments on a daily basis.

Some of the biggest issues that have been raised around the NFL include the ratings being inflated by the networks producers and ratings that are not actually being given to fans.

This has already been addressed by the NFL and ESPN, with the league stating that they will review the ratings to determine if there are any inaccuracies.

And some have also raised concerns about how accurate ratings are in the first place.

ESPN ratings are a mess.

I don’t think the ratings should be based on anyones perception of a game.

That’s why they are a problem.

Thats why were taking this step to look at how we can fix it.

— Aaron Rodgers, NFL QB, December 20, 2016ESPN ratings are based on an average attendance of 2.2 million viewers and a 1.3 rating from Sports Business Journal, a publication of the

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