What to know about the ‘RBI’ sports business meetup in Miami

Miami, FL – February 10, 2018 – The RBI Sports Business Meetup (RSMB) is an event to connect and connect with RSI’s industry leaders, executives and community members to share their latest insights and best practices.RSMB is one of the premier gatherings of RSI community members in the world.

Join us for the best in RSI, industry news, news on the latest RSI products and the latest in RTS development.

The event will take place on the first floor of the Miami Convention Center on March 11th and 12th, 2019, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

RSMB attendees can meet up with industry luminaries, industry insiders, industry executives and a panel of industry insiders to share the latest developments and latest insights.

This event is open to the public.RSMs exclusive “Live From The Event” section is now available to RSMs fans.

RSMs exclusive Live From The Events section offers exclusive updates and special features on key events and announcements from the RSI Entertainment and RSI Events divisions.

The Live From the Events section will provide updates on the RTS product roadmap and updates on upcoming events, including a chance to hear from industry insiders.RSM members will be able to access a special live-streaming video stream that will be available for RSMs viewers to access on their personal or corporate devices.RSmb members will also have the ability to access an RSMB “Risk-Based” Insider Panel that will discuss the latest events, product updates, and future RSI events.

RSmb members can access the live stream of the panel by visiting RSMB Insider Panel.RSMPs exclusive “Stay On Top” section provides exclusive insight on key event and product announcements, as well as exclusive content on upcoming RSI product and RTS releases.RSMD members can view the RSM’s exclusive “Be The First” section on their RSM account to keep up with the latest updates and announcements.

RSMD members will have the opportunity to “be the first” to attend the RSMB Live From Event.RSMC members will get to enjoy the live-updates and special content from the “RBI” business meetups via RSMC Members.

RSMC members can also follow the RSMC “Stay on Top” feature to stay up to date on all of the latest RSMC-related content.RSMR members can be the first to experience RSM members and the exclusive “RSMM” Insider panel.

RSMR members will receive exclusive updates, content, and special RSM Insider panels as well.RSMM Members will be the only members of the RSR community to have access to the RSMM live stream, RSMM Live From Events, RSM Live From events, and RSMM Insider Panel features.RSMS Members can join the RSS community and participate in the RRSM “RSS” forum where they can ask questions and discuss product and community developments.RSSM members will enjoy the exclusive RSMS Insider Panel live stream.RSTM Members will have exclusive access to RSTM Insider Panel and RSTM Live From, RSTM and RSM content, RSMS Live, and the RSTM community forum.RSUMM members can become RSUMM Insider Panel members and RSUM members will become RSM insiders and become the only RSR insiders.

RSUM Members can also be invited to the live streams of the “RSUM” Insider, RSUM Insider, and RSR Insider panels.RSUP members will not only be able see the RSUP Insider panel live, but also access exclusive content and updates from the RSUM and RSUP communities.RSURM members have access for the RSURM Insider panel and exclusive RSUM content, the RSU community forum, and live updates on RSI news and events.RSU members will access exclusive RSU Insider Panel content and exclusive updates on RSU news and announcements and RSU content.

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