Microsoft launches Bing, Yahoo in new Windows 10, OS update

Posted March 20, 2018 12:18:54Microsoft has finally launched Bing in the new Windows operating system.

It’s a welcome addition to the operating system and gives users a new way to find and find what they need.

Windows 10 will be the first operating system that comes with Bing, which is a first for the Microsoft ecosystem.

The Bing experience is going to be similar to how it is with the Windows 10 Store, with the same search functionality and the same capabilities for content discovery.

But the Bing search experience will also come with some important changes that make it better for businesses, consumers and developers alike. 

Bing will also have a better UI than the existing version of Windows 10.

The new Windows will have a redesigned Windows Start screen and a redesigned Start menu.

Microsoft has also improved the look of the Bing homepage and navigation to make it easier for businesses and consumers to navigate and find information. 

The Bing search engine has also been improved, making it easier to find information on the web.

The redesigned Windows interface also offers a new Search tab for businesses.

Bing search results will also be more personal.

You will be able to see your search history and your search queries by typing a query in the search box, which will also appear at the top of your search results. 

You will also get the ability to search within specific categories or by clicking on a word. 

In addition, Microsoft is introducing a new feature called Favorites, which lets you search for people you have recently met in the web browser.

This is similar to the way Microsoft has been working with Cortana to provide a personal search experience.

You can also use Cortana’s voice search to search for the people you’re searching for. 

Microsoft will also bring Bing to the Windows Store and make it available to developers in the Windows Developer Preview.

Developers can use the Bing Search experience to build new applications for the Windows platform and to deliver better, more personal experiences for users. 

Windows 10 is available to download on March 21 for free, with a subscription plan that can be purchased separately.

The OS version will also remain free until April 4.

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