Why you should take your sports career seriously, writes Tom Rains

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the idea of a new generation of sports business owners and CEOs.

That’s great, but if we’re talking about sports business in the 21st century, the question of whether it can be done in a sustainable way is something we really need to look at.

I’m not suggesting that the next generation of CEOs will all be in sports, and if you’re a business owner in a market that’s changing, I’m also not saying you shouldn’t be in it.

But we should be talking about how to take the sport of sport seriously, as opposed to just being interested in how the sport is being done.

If you can make money on a sporting event, that’s going to be a big thing.

That means that you can’t just think, “Oh, I want to make money by playing sports.”

You need to think about what you want to do with that money, and that’s a different thing.

You can’t do sports on autopilot.

That requires a lot more thought and research, and I think that’s where you need to focus.

There are two ways to approach this: you can have a very focused focus on making money, or you can try to make sure that you’re investing your time and money in the right way.

Let’s take a look at two examples.

The first example is the most common one: the NFL.

The NFL has a great model, in which it gives the player a contract to play a certain number of years and then they can decide how many years they want to play.

The problem is that the NFL has an awful lot of money and is not going to invest in that.

If it does, they’re going to lose a lot.

The best way to make it work is to be flexible about what it costs to get a player to a certain age, because they don’t have to be at that age for very long.

That allows them to keep their cap space, which they could use for other players.

This gives them a good incentive to play for longer.

There’s a lot about the NFL that allows it to do that, but it’s not a great business model.

That was the case for the World Cup.

They’ve already lost a lot on that, and now they’re trying to figure out how to get players to their maximum potential, and they have a lot less money to spend on the players than they did before.

This is a problem that will be difficult to solve, because the NFL’s salary cap is $2.5 billion, and even with the World Cups, it’s $15 billion in 2017.

This was a huge deal.

It was a massive deal for the NFL to be able to invest the money that it did in the World Series, but now they have to figure how to keep that money flowing and keep that players.

What you need is for the player to be invested in this company, and not invested in that company and be looking at a different company.

This can be a lot easier if you have a flexible model for players, and you give them that chance.

The second example is from the movie “American Sniper.”

It was the worst movie ever made, and it had a lot to do and little to do.

The movie made it look like the United States had been the victim of some sort of foreign terrorist attack.

It went through so many different media channels that I thought it was a bad idea, and the film’s critics were so hostile to it, that they basically put it on the back burner and went on to make more bad movies.

That kind of happened to me in sports.

If the league were to start investing money into sports like they did in sports in the 1980s, and start investing in people like me, then we would start winning a lot in the future.

You need a different way to approach it, and one that allows people to build something with the money they have, but that doesn’t take away from the business model that’s been built.

If we’re going in a new direction, we need to start thinking about what that looks like, and we need a very smart and thoughtful team to come up with it.

This interview was conducted by Geoff Bennett and edited by Michael Coyle.

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