Why Ars has never reviewed a video game

Ars Technic’s Peter Bright reports that Ars has only ever reviewed video games from publishers we’d recommend.We do, however, occasionally recommend games that we’re really, really into.In this case, that’s the PS4, and its upcoming Uncharted 4.The first Uncharted game is a great example of this.It’s a great game, and it’s one of our top-five

How to Meet Your Sports Captain and the Leader of the Cluster Sports Meet

The leader of the cluster sports meet has long been a source of intrigue for the people of New York City, who believe they can find a way to bring the sport of football and soccer closer together.The cluster meet, which has taken place annually since 2001, features two teams competing for supremacy in an

‘This is a great moment’: Former NFL star on being inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame

On January 12, 2017, retired NFL star and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin became the first active player to be inducted in the Sports Inductee Hall of Honor.While most players received a plaque and tributes during the induction ceremony, Irvin’s name was among the first to be read.Irvin said in an interview with ESPN: “This

Girls-Power Invitational Inter School – old-girls sports meet – 2015

A girls-power meeting is a gathering of girls of the same gender, usually on a Friday night.It can include a dance, singing and dance-in-the-park.The event can be held at any age group.The event attracts girls from all over the country.The organisers usually organise a girls-only event, and usually it is attended by girls in their

President Trump says he will not accept the resignation of Vice President Mike Pence

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will remain in the White House, despite mounting pressure from his own party and members of Congress to resign.“I’m not going to resign,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.“I’m staying in office until such time as I’m absolutely convinced I can do better than that.”As for Pence,

What’s happening in sports and media this weekend?

Sports and entertainment companies are gathering this weekend for a conference aimed at helping them connect with audiences.The World Sports Entertainment Forum (WESAF) will host events to help them better understand the ways they can create content that’s relevant to their audiences.It’s called the “Sports and Media Connector” to help organizations connect with their audiences

How to use Google Maps to see military sports meetings and events in your area

A few months ago, I was invited to a military sports meetup in the Philippines.I arrived and was greeted by an officer who explained that military sports meets were now a thing.He explained that since most of the meetups were held in the local city of Pasig, the Philippines, it was not uncommon to have

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